Covid Compliant Toilet Cubicles Supplied Across Glasgow & Scotland

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that businesses throughout Glasgow & the rest of Scotland need to think about toilet design, in order to protect both customers & staff. Firstly, commercial toilets need to be designed or adapted to help spread the prevent the transmission of the virus directly from one person to another, by increasing the physical distance between people. Secondly, thought needs to go into how to prevent transmission from high-touch surfaces, such as taps, toilet handles & locks etc. Ultimately, we will start to see larger, self-contained cubicles which include a sink for hand washing.

People are understandably concerned about being close to other people, and particularly in public bathrooms. The more a business can do to demonstrate that their bathrooms are as safe as can be, the more likely customers are to use the business & return. Similarly, it can help to re-assure staff in the workplace, who will feel more comfortable at work knowing that the chance of catching coronavirus in the bathroom has been significantly reduced.

We are able to provide extremely good advice & solutions for all types of business, including: Offices / Commercial, Bars & Restaurants, Leisure, Health & Education.

Urinal Partitions & Sink Partitions

The first option for a business is to make some adaptations to the existing structure of their toilets or washrooms. Some simple measures that can make a massive difference include retro-fitting full-height urinal & sink partitions. These partitions can greatly reduce the transmission of coronavirus from talking, coughing & sneezing. Furthermore, there is less chance of infected droplets from hand washing being spread to other sink or urinal areas.

Most importantly, these partitions can be easily fitted with our ironmongery, without the need to disturb your existing plumbing. We have a great choice of decors to complement any existing colour scheme, so you end up with safer facilities that still look great.

The partitions are MFC (melamine faced chipboard), which are extremely hard-wearing and will be able to withstand frequent cleaning with disinfectant (unlike pvc partitions, which only last a short time). We also have matching vanity units, IPS (integrated plumbing systems) & cubicles if required. 

covid compliant toilet cubicles


The best & safest way to utilise the space available in a commercial bathroom, is to reduce the number of cubicles & which would contain their own sink. For example, 6 individual toilet cubicles becomes 3 larger cubicle (4 becomes 2, and so on). You may even wish to consider moving to self-contained unisex cubicles. 

We can give advice on the best way to use the space available, and offer a huge choice of decors for the cubicle walls, IPS systems & vanity units. Sensor taps, doors without handles, sensor flushing etc are also worth considering.

covid compliant cubicles that are built to last

All of our cubicle walls, urinal partitions, IPS & vanity units look fantastic, but they are also built to last.

Built to withstand high levels of traffic, they are naturally suited to environments that are subject to high levels of humidity, impact and wear and tear

• Highly resistant and durable
• Hygienic and easy to clean
• Large sheet sizes to reduce joints
• Resistance to moisture

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