Gemma Valencia Grey Linear (305mm x 610mm x 4.2mm)


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Gemma Valencia Golden Linear (305mm x 610mm x 4.2mm)

Gemma Valencia is a very practical choice for your home.  Its high wear resistance makes it ideal for use in corridors, kitchens and high traffic environments.  It is a solid 4.2mm thick vinyl product, with no wood based content (unlike traditional laminate floor coverings.)  This makes it far more resistant to water and ideal for use in bathrooms, utility rooms, or areas requiring constant cleaning.

It is a simple floating floor system requiring no adhesive to glue it down.  It can easily be laid over any suitable flat solid floor boards.  The snap together joints simply click together, requiring no messy silicons or sealants, making it an ideal DIY product.  Planks and tiles can be cut using repeated scoring with a sharp knife and then snapping the plank to the required size.

Gemma Valencia offers a high slip resistance (achieving a DIN 51130 R10 rating)

Product Details

  • Size: 305mm x 610mm
  • Thickness: 4.2mm
  • Each box covers 1.49 square metres (8 tiles per box)


The Gemma Valencia Range carries a 5-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects subject to normal usage and correct installation.

Under Floor Heating and Conservatories

Gemma Valencia is a floating floor system that is not designed to be glued down. Like all vinyl and laminate floating floors, it naturally expands and contracts with changes in temperature - a process called thermal expansion. This is why we recommend a minimum 10mm gap be left around all flooring perimeters (usually hidden beneath skirtings or kitchen units.)  It is for this reason we do not recommend Gemma Valencia for use in areas which may experience excessive changes in heat such as properties with underfloor heating systems installed or in very sunny conservatories or similar areas.)