Light Grey Single Tile Digital Print 250mm wall panels (4 Panel Pack)


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Light Grey Single Tile Digital Print 250mm wall panels

250mm wide panels are the perfect solution when you require a quick fix, budget solution to transform a 'tired toilet' to a stylish modern bathroom.

The convenient pack size is designed to cover one full side of a shower cubicle, and they are perfect for those tight area’s you tend to come across when refurbishing bathrooms. Theres a massive 2.4 square meters of wall when all four panels are joined together, they are 100% waterproof, easy-fix panels. Whole walls can be clad in no time at all, as the panels are pre-formed with straight, clean push-fit tongue and groove joints.

Surfaces are smooth, mould resistant and easy to clean - just a simple wipe down with mild detergent on a damp cloth will keep your 250mm wide panels looking great for years to come.

250mm wide panels are engineered with a strong 8mm cellular structure, which helps with insulation and reduces condensation. They also feature a thicker face membrane than the industry standard making our 250mm wide panels more robust and less likely to compress with impact damage than rival pvc panels. They are easy to work with at only 1.1kgs per panel and for your assurance are Class 1 fire rated and guaranteed for 5 years.

Accessories you may need

There is a wide range of corner and edging trims available to finish your panels to perfection. Choose from a satin anodised, white powder coated, black powder coated or a luxury polished chrome effect to achieve your perfect finish. These Essential range trims can be found in the Essential Accessories section of this website


For a 2 panel corner sited shower you will require: 1 Internal Corner and 2 End Cap trims.

For a 3 panel 'U' shaped enclosure you will require: 2 Internal Corners and 2 End Caps.

Please Note: There may be the appearance of an indented edge at the top and bottom of the board, this is not a fault, it is the industry standard finish on a PVC wall or ceiling product.

Please Note: KM carry out regular quality control checks on all of our products. From time to time slight shading may be apparent. All panels must be checked for colour match shading differences before they are fitted, KM will not be accountable for any refitting charges if shading is discovered after fitting.