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Rigid Core SPC Click Vinyl Flooring

We have a great range of Clickstone & Rockwood LVT / SPC hybrid floor planks & tiles on display in our Glasgow showroom.

Combining the strength of stone with the beauty of wood, this stunning flooring can be used throughout your home.

Planks or tiles? SPC vinyl floors come in both wood and tile designs, giving you the versatility of wood in your living room and a tile in your kitchen matched in the same perfect hard wearing floor.

As well as being a cost-effective choice, SPC vinyl click flooring is very easy to fit. Follow this link to read more on rigid core spc vinyl flooring.

Rockwood SPC TIles - Anthracite


What is rigid core spc vinyl flooring?

Hybrid floors are a type of reinforced vinyl (LVT) or a vinyl mixed with hardened polymers and stone (SPC); this mix creates a rigid and durable flooring made to last. Hybrid flooring is a revolution in the flooring industry, a new style of flooring created with modern lifestyles in mind.

SPC is the abbreviation for Stone Plastic Composite. At the heart of these vinyl floor panels is a mixture of limestone and stabilisers. This creates a rigid core is highly durable, stable and will hardly move.

Characterised by its several layers, SPC vinyl flooring not only boasts all the functional and aesthetic benefits of standard vinyl floor tiles, but actually enhances them through a rigorous practical design.


Rigid Core Flooring Layers
waterproof spc rigid core vinyl flooring

perfect for kitchens  & bathrooms

Super Durable & Waterproof
(not just water resistant).

Multiple layers of LVT and SPC make them durable and water proof.

The wear layer on Clickstone & Rockwood flooring is made of a composite and is very durable. This is why our hybrid flooring comes with a great manufacturer’s warranty. Both SPC floor planks & tiles are very hardy and will withstand pet claws, wine spills, bouncing tumblers and accidents.

The wear layer is tough enough to withstand a good scrubbing. In addition to this, the click system (in most cases), seals up the joins which makes very unlikely that water will be able to seep through to the underlay of the flooring.

The composition of the wear layer also makes it hard to scratch, though it will dent if something very heavy is dropped into it. You can be confident that most daily use issues will not leave a mark or any water damage.

clickstone flooring - waterproof


LVT and SPC is the most waterproof flooring on the market

clickstone flooring - impact resistant


Small items will bounce off this flooring leaving very little trace of an impact.

clickstone flooring - scratch resistant


Pet nails and high heels are no problem with a hybrid SPC/LVT floor

clickstone flooring - rigid core


The rigid core offers a stable and level floor with little preparation work required

clickstone flooring - range of colours


A great colour bank in a variety of modern colours and natural looks.

clickstone flooring - scratch resistant


With modern click systems installation is painless – watch the videos for Clickstone Installation or Rockwood Installation

We'd love to answer any questions or discuss your ideas. If you can make it to the showroom - great!

If not, give us a call or send a quick email, and we'll do our best to help.

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